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PFL DeskLog


  • Fast and Easy to use
  • Supports Military, Civilian, and International use simultaneously
  • Synchronize Flight Data with TSE Digital Production’s Pocket Flight Log (available separately)
  • Incorporates Print-N-Export Create reports optimized for printing or for export to Excel
    • Choose custom date ranges for your reports
    • Export to Excel™, Word™, Acrobat™, and Rich Text
    • Three time input options.
      • Out, Off, On, In - Traditional Airline
      • Out, In - Abbreviated format for quicker entry
      • Direct Block - Used to enter old data when times not known
    • Unlimited custom flight time categories
    • QuickLog(tm) time boxes. The time input boxes were custom made by TSE Digital Productions for PFLD.
    • Search for several important items from your flight log.
      • You can search for dates, crewmembers, airfields, flight events accomplished, tail numbers and more.
      • Once you locate a record you are interested in you can expand it on the fly or jump directly to the entire record for editing
    • Utilities
      • Delete unwanted Airports, Aircraft, or Flight Events
      • Edit aircraft information
      • Edit airport information
      • Enter Initial Flight times. This allows for accounting of PIC, SIC and other times for each aircraft
    • Totals Screen
      • Display FAR 121/135, Military and User flight time limits simultaneously
      • Comprehensive Totals/Subtotals for each aircraft type
      • Include custom date ranges
      • Search by command type (PIC, SIC)
      • ATP screen



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    System Requirements

    • Pocket Flight Log version 2.00 or greater
    • Microsoft .NET Framework
    • Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.7 if NOT RUNNING Windows XP or Vista